Silver2001 (Silver the hedgeog) is a popular wattpadian Sonic the hedgehog author.

Being on wattpad for a year (Joined October 16, 2013) and currently written 47 books and is going to write more books each month.

Silver currently has 571 followers and 1,081 votes. Silver usaully receives 35 votes a day.



Thanks to Silver's mild-mannered, inspirational, Patient and forever-honest behavior, he earned the title of one of the most popular Sonic fan fiction writer's on Wattpad.

Silver is fast-paced but has quick reactions and a good sense of grammar and equal kindness. Silver only gets mad when needed, but does show a bit of defensive side whenever his friends or followers are taunted or bullied. Being a Hedgehog of honor, Silver has a lot of close friends, one of them being Amesrose ( Silver tends to be very careful yet nice, having a strong talent of Voice overs and acting and singing and a passion for writing and baking.


Some people think Silver's sudden apperance was a mystery, but it's really not. Silver joined Oct/16/13 at 6:45AM (Yes AM) after reading a fanfiction called "Shadow the hedgehog 2" ( and was inspired to join a fanfiction site. Frustrated when he couldn't find one, Silver stumbled upon Wattpad, the site where you didn't have to activate an email to join (now days you do) and he joined quickly. Silver's first book was "Love breaks my heart (Shadamy)" and this is what he told me when he first wrote on wattpad.

"Wattpad's control's are easy to get used to and the writing style is very nice, but I want to be great, there are a lot of great people here on this site and i would love to meet some of them.. even if I have no followers yet"

During March/2013, Silver met BonniesLilWolfie, earning him a load of followers almost everyday.

"Wow! It's like I became famous over-night, I want to thank everyone who helped me and this is the best Summer ever!" Silver said.

Silver decided that since he had one story for a long time, to take it a step further and write his book (

Earning him more followers and votes, Silver met jacobsonic ( who became one of his best friends and gave him the book idea "Freedom hurts" ( Making it the cake of his profile and one of his most beloved and well-known works.

The reads that Freedom hurts owned are 1,812 reads: 168 votes and 71 comments.

Silver has been becoming more popular ever since.


{One thing you probulay think you can't fix is a cruel world, but you can be the leader to make a good worldOne thing you probulay think you can't fix is a cruel world, but you can be the leader to make a good world}

{Don't hate yourself if someone takes you as a fool...}

{If someone hates you for being you, then don't hate yourself for eing you}

{The light could be right infront of you, but never seen by the naked eye}





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