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Ash and Lycanroc spring into action to save the world, while Pikachu and RotomDex spend time with the other three Pokémon Rowlet, Torracat, and Poipole.

Vengeance 2

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Dawn Berlitz is in an interrogation room, the lights turn on, Nanu asks her what happened. During the flashback she tells him that she met a boy named Ash and she talked to him. She walks home with her friends, she says not long after some thing happened in the parking lot, the ground shakes, she sees a giant drill come out of the ground, She and Her friends run in different directions, She runs while dodging a falling car, Bourigan pops out of the drill, he introduces himself and he says he is always beneath them but nothing is beneath him, She hides under a car. While She is hiding under a car she tells him as if things aren't weird enough she looks over and sees Bizarre Creatures, A Floating Device, and A Boy, She tells him there's something familiar about the boy. Ash Ketchum tells Pikachu and Lycanroc to attack Bourigan, the other to call perimeter and keep the crowds back and safe and the other to watch after Poipole. They See Bourigan escaping underground, RotomDex tells Ash they have to do something, Ash comes up with an idea, Ash tells Lycanroc to toss Pikachu which he does and Pikachu lands on the drill, Rowlet calls perimeter he flies off, leaving Torracat to watch Poipole, he tries to stop him by using Searing Shot, but fails making him mad, she comes out from under the car and sees Ash, Torracat, Poipole, and RotomDex, he tells her it isn't what she thinks it, but she runs away before he could explain to her. Back to the interrogation room, She says feels bad and says she should've said hi, she says it's not her fault that Pokémon battling is illegal, He asks Her if She told anyone, She said no and Her parents thought she wasn't hiding anything, she wishes she could forget the whole thing and he promises she will, he proceeds to erase her memory with a device, she passes out. Pikachu is on the top of the drill underground he falls off by rocks coming in his direction, the drill continues going, Bourigan rises from a platform and blows up the banks, he opens up the safe and sucks up the money, Pikachu shows up to Use Quick Attack but ends up getting sucked up, He tries to get out but gets hit by oncoming money, He gets out and fights Bourigan, Bourigan escapes. The Drill comes back to the surface, Rowlet motions everyone to stay back he flies past Torracat, He with Poipole runs after him as he angry he has to watch it. Lycanroc gets on top of the drill, Pikachu comes out of the drill, Iris and Axew show up to help, Iris tells Her Axew to use Dragon Breath on the drill, Pikachu jumps off the drill. Rowlet saves a lady from a falling car, she thanks him, Poipole is flying out of the smoke, Rowlet gets mad and He catches it, Torracat comes out too and runs past Rowlet, Pikachu tries to stop the wheel by using Thunderbolt, Lycanroc jumps off the drill, and motions people to stop, The drill is coming his way, he dodges it. Rowlet throws Poipole to Ash, RotomDex sees this and asks Ash who's watching Poipole, Ash throws it to Torracat while running, Lycanroc jumps onto the drill and gets inside. Iris tells her Axew to use DragonBreath on the drill. Ash, Pikachu, Rowlet, Torracat, Poipole, and RotomDex climb inside the drill. Juniper sees the drill and Iris and Her Axew chasing after it, she follows after it. Ash tells Torracat to use Flame Charge to destroy the machine engine, the inside of the drill is about to explode, Pikachu uses Electroweb to protect everyone from the explosion, the drill nearly hits city hall but is stopped. Iris and Axew run from the drill. Ash is happy he, his Pokémon, and RotomDex are safe, Officer Jenny looks in the drill and is mad at Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex. Juniper tries to talk to Iris and Her Axew but they run, saying what they did was illegal juniper asked if they would be interested in changing that. Pikachu, Lycanroc, and Axew are on the news for destruction of city caused by Ash and Iris. After the fight Ash and His Pokémon are in a police room, Ash tells Officer Jenny He and His Pokémon didn't start the fight, She tells them they didn't finish it either, she asks them if they stopped him from inflicting damage, he says no, she says the banks were in the check, He asks if She preferred He and His Pokémon do nothing, She says without a doubt, she gets up and walks away. Ash and His Pokémon see Nanu, Ash tells him he wasn't much help, he tells him if he wants out he has to put down the shovel.

Afterwards Professor Kukui picks up Ash, His Pokèmon, and RotomDex. In the car Ash tells Kukui that Dawn seen RotomDex and His Pokémon, they arrive at the motel, The Professor thanks Nanu for letting Ash, His Pokémon, RotomDex letting them stay. Later that night during dinner, Ash tells Kukui, he's disappointed that Bourigan escaped, RotomDex tells him that Officer Jenny stopped them giving Bourigan time to escape, Kukui tells them that Pokémon battling is illegal, Ash wishes it wasn't, Kukui tells him the law is the law. After dinner everyone goes to bed, Ash wakes up, he sneaks out to the pool, Iris and Axew show up, She tells Ash she was approached by a woman and says she invited them to her house. Ash and Iris arrive at Junipers house, Ash sends out Pikachu and Lycanroc, Iris sends out Axew. Juniper shows up and says she loves Pokémon Battling, she introduces herself to them, they greet her back, Faba comes into the room, he introduces himself to Ash and Iris, they greet him back. Juniper says she wants to make Pokémon Batting Legal she chooses Ash and Lycanroc for the mission, Pikachu gets a little disappointed, Ash tells him it's gonna be okay. The next morning Ash and Lycanroc get a message from Juniper to meet him at her house. Ash and Lycanroc arrive at Juniper's House, She tells them that tommorow their mission will start, Ash and Lycanroc get excited. Later that day, Ash and Lycanroc arrive home, they tell Kukui that, He and Lycanroc are gonna be on a mission to make Pokémon battling legal again, Kukui finds the idea very cool and wishes them luck on it.

The Next day Ash, His Pokémon, RotomDex, and Kukui are told they have to move again, Kukui tells Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex He found a house for them to stay in, they drive to the house. When everyone gets to the house Ash and RotomDex say they like the new house, Kukui tells them this is where they will stay for as long as they need, everyone settles in. Later that evening Ash and Lycanroc are walking around They see a man in a Train, the train is going in reverse they go after it, Ash tells Lycanroc to use Bounce to jump over the bridge, the train is about the fall of the track, Ash tells Lycanroc run to the front and jump up to use Stone Edge which works stopping the train from falling off, Ash and Lycanroc rush over to the train, He asks Him what was going on He sees that He's hypnotized. Back at Home Pikachu and RotomDex are looking after Rowlet, Torracat, and Poipole, Ash and Lycanroc arrive home, everyone gets ready to go to bed. he next morning Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex are awake they go outside to play, The Professor calls them in for breakfast, They all rush in, after breakfast, Ash looks out the window and sees a news reporter hypnotized by a device, Ash calls Lycanroc into the living room, they rush outside Ash and Lycanroc close their eyes, Ash tells Lycanroc to use Stone Edge, which works and the device breaks, the news reporter is no longer hypnotized. Later that evening, Ash and His Pokémon are having fun in his room, Afterwards Ash, His Pokémon, and Kukui are eating dinner, Ash asks Kukui why was the news reporter hypnotized, He tells Him he doesn't know.

Later that night Ash Ketchum and Pikachu put Rowlet, Lycanroc, Torracat, and Poipole to sleep, when They go out into the living room, They see Poipole on the couch watching tv with the remote in its hand, They get confused by this wondering how It got there, but They let it watch tv with them anyway. While They take a nap Poipole sees a thief on the tv, It sees a raccoon outside who steals food from the trash can thinking The Raccoon is a burglar, It goes outside and sees The Raccoon with a Chicken Leg It takes the Chicken Leg away and throws it in the trash It uses Telekensis to put the lid on top of the trashcan, The Racoon is mad Poipole uses Headbutt, It uses Signal Beam but The Raccoon dodges the attack, It uses Heat Crash but The Raccoon dodges the attack again, It uses Hidden Power The Raccoon easily again dodges the attack, It uses Gastro Acid but dodges the attack once again, The Raccoon tries to attack Poipole but Poipole dodges The Raccoon and beats it up, The Raccoon tried to again Attack but Poipole used Techno Blast, The Raccoon dodges all of the Techno Blasts and gets top of the umbrella, The Ultra Beast uses Techno Blast which makes the umbrella melt causing The Raccoon to get off, Poipole fights with The Raccoon. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu wake up and see that Poipole is gone, they look outside and see It attacking The Raccoon, They run outside, Ash rushes over to grab It, Poipole uses Double Team on the Raccoon who runs off, They become exicited when They find out It can use attacks, Poipole uses Heat Crash, Thunderbolt, and Techno Blast on Ash, They become shocked by reaction, They decide to keep it a secret from a all of the others, They go back inside and they all go to sleep.

The next morning Ash wakes up and has breakfast with His Pokémon, and Kukui. Afterwards Ash and The Professor go to the store, when they get into the store they see Nanu who is in a trance, Faba is spying in them. Ash and Kukui wonder what's going on, RotomDex tells them it looks like he's brainwashed, Kukui manages to snap him out of the trance Nanu asks what happened Ash tells him not much, he thanks them and leaves, Faba gets mad. Later Ash, Pikachu, RotomDex, and Kukui arrive at the Pokémon School, Ash's Classmates ask them why are they late, Kukui says Ash, RotomDex, and Him had some errands to run. Kukui teaches the class but he is interrupted when they see a hypnotized Nurse Joy outside. Ash and Lycanroc rush outside, an hypnotic device appears Faba is spying on them from in a bush, Ash tells Lycanroc to use Stone Edge on the device, breaking it, Nurse Joy is out the trance she was in, she thanks them and she heads back to the Pokémon Center, Faba gets mad and wonders what's going on. Afterwards in class Ash sent out his Pokémon and his classmates sent out their Pokémon to all play. After school, Ash is outside the Pokémon School He sees Dawn Bertlitz and tells Her that he moved to a new a house, She politely asks him if she knows him, He runs off. Later that evening Ash is playing with His Pokémon, RotomDex is helping Kukui cook, Ash invites Iris and Axew over for dinner, during dinner Ash asks Kukui what's with the hypnotized People, he tells him he's not sure, Iris says she's noticed that too. After dinner Ash continues spending time with his Pokémon, Iris and Axew join in on the fun, Afterwards Iris leaves. Pikachu and RotomDex are having fun with Rowet, Torracat, and Poipole, they watch movies, drink soda, and eat popcorn. Later that night everyone goes to bed. Ash and Lycanroc are at Juniper's House, they are in a news report room talking to Juniper, a news reporter get hypnotized by a screen, he says he talking from what he is told to by a screen, Ash and Lyanroc rush out of the room, they go into another room and people hypnotized by screens, the screencontroller says he declares to control people from screens. Ash and Lycanroc run back to the news reporter, he says he says can hijack the helicopters with The Ambassador being on one of them. Ash and Lycanroc inform Faba that the signal has been hijacked, they run and tell him to inform people not to look at any screens. Ash and Lycanroc get to the roof and see three helicopters which have taken off, Ash tells Lycanroc to use Bounce, they land in the first helicopter, they find no one in there, they jump into the second helicopter they find no one in there again, they jump into third helicopter and find The Ambassador, They tell her that that signal is hijacked, they see the other two helicopters crash into the one their one, Ash tells her they're gonna have to jump, they all jump off the helicopter, other two helicopters crash into the one they were on, they land saftey, The Ambassador thanks Ash and His Lycanroc.

The next morning Ash, His Pokémon, RotomDex, and Professor Kukui are eating breakfast, Ash is mad that Dawn doesn't remember him, after breakfast He recalls His Pokémon, He puts the Pokéballs in his bag and heads off to the Pokémon school. Ash and RotomDex arrive at the Pokémon School the classmates and there Pokémon are there, Ash sends out his Pokémon, Kukui tells everyone a guest is visiting which is Juniper, Kukui tells the class that Juniper will have a surprise that will take place on a boat called Pokétech which excites everyone. Later when Ash and RotomDex get home he sends out his Pokémon, Kukui arrives, they relax, Kukui calls Nanu about Dawn saying that Ash is mad that she her memory wiped of him sand asks him to give info on her, he says she works part time at Steak 'n Shake. Later Ash and Kukui arrive at Steak 'n Shake, they see are sitting down and see Dawn there, Ash shoots water from his nose, Dawn and Kukui try to help him but he says he is fine. Pikachu and RotomDex are at home watching after Rowlet, Torracat, and Poipole they go into kitchen to eat food after that they watch some stuff on tv. Later that night Ash and Lycanroc are walking around, Ash and Lycanroc go inside with their eyes closed, the Screencontroller shows up, Ash tells Lycanroc to use Accelrock as well as telling him keep his eyes closed, the Screencontroller dodges the attacks, He tells Lycanroc to use Counter which misses, He tells Him to use Stone Edge which hits defeating the Screencontroller, Ash runs out of the building but finds out Lycanroc is missing, the Screencontroller turns out to be a pizza guy and gets arrested. Ash arrives at home, Kukui is watching the news he sees that Braviary is in good condition, Ash surprised and overjoyed when he learns that Kukui used to own it, Kukui goes to his bedroom. Poipole uses Gastro Acid, Rowlet, Torracat, and RotomDex, are shocked when they learn that Poipole can use attacks, RotomDex asks Ash if he knew about it and he said yes, Poipole uses Hidden Power. Afterwards Ash has Pikachu and Poipole have a Play battle RotomDex is the judge and Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail, Poipole uses Techno Blast but Pikachu dodges the attack, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt but It dodges the attack, It uses Signal Beam, He dodges the attack, He uses Iron Tail which is a direct hit, It uses Uproar which Pikachu dodges, It uses Poision Jab which is a direct hit, Pikachu uses Iron Tail but It dodges the attack, Poipole uses Peck which is a direct hit, RotomDex calls off the battle and says the training was amazing. Afterwards RotomDex calls Iris to come over. Iris and Axew are at Kukui's House, She, Axew, Ash, Pikachu, Rowlet, Torracat, and RotomDex look at Poipole, She mentions it looks normal to her, she asks Ash when did it start to happen he tells her when when it seen a Raccoon outside, It uses Teleport, She and Axew become surprised, It ends up in the kitchen Ash tells Iris He can't keep giving it treats but if he stops, Poipole gets mad that and uses Fury Attack on Ash, Iris manages to calm It down. Later Ash takes Poipole to Wicke's House and asks if She can watch it, She tells Him, She's a analyzer not a babysitter, Ash takes a nap on the chair, Poipole uses Fly and Flash, She Becomes impressed and decides to watch It for Him over the night He thanks Her and He heads home. Pikachu and RotomDex are at the house with Rowlet and Torracat, they are relaxing, Pikachu, Rowlet and Torracat decide to have some snacks. The Next morning Ash picks up Poipole Wicke tells Him that She did more Analysis on It, she takes him into her analysis room and Poipole is behind a glass, She tells Him not to give It treats as it will result in It using Heat Crash and Fury Attack combined, Afterwards Ash takes Poipole and leaves He thanks Her. Faba is at the Pokétech, Lycanroc sees hypnogoggles, He sees the Screencontroller mask, Faba puts hypnogoggles on Lycanroc and he becomes mind controlled. Later Ash and Poipole arrive home, He sends out Pikachu, Rowlet, and Torracat to play RotomDex joins and they relax.

Later that night Lycanroc is in a room tied to a chair, Faba tells him that He's the real screencontroller and hypnotizing people is part of his plan to make Pokémon battling and crime fighting illegal still, He turns the hypnogoggles back on and Lycanroc becomes mind controlled again. Ash, Pikachu, Rowlet, Torracat, Poipole and RotomDex are outside, Ash and RotomDex, take turns firing Poipole around by It using Techno Blast. Kukui gets call from Faba and tells Him Lycanroc is acting strange and tells Him to get to Pokètech, Kukui calls Ash, RotomDex, and His Pokémon to come inside, He tells Them he's going somewhere and tells them to stay, As He leaves he tells Ash and RotomDex to be safe, he gets in his car and drives off. Ash calls Iris to come over, Ash's Classmates who are mind controlled wearing hypnogoggles are at the door, Iris and Axew Show up, Ash summons Braviary, It breaks the wall and flies out of the news place. Ash, His Pokémon, Iris and Her Axew are battling Ash's classmates they send out their Pokémon, Marowak uses Flare Blitz on Axew, Iris tells him to use Dragon Breath, Togedemaru uses Zing Zap but Torracat dodges and uses Flame Charge, Charjabug, Tsareena, and, Turtantor use Discharge, Trop Kick, and Flare Blitz but Rowlet flies up and uses Leafage followed up by Razor Leaf, Popplio and Snowy use Bubble Beam and Powder Snow, Pikachu avoids the attacks and uses Iron Tail and Thunderbolt. Kiawe and Turtantor hold Iris and Axew with Marowak holding their legs, Snowy is freezing Rowlet, Torracat, Poipole and RotomDex, Ash gets scared, Rowlet and Torracat scream, Braviary shows up and tosses Snowy away, Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex hop on Braviary, Mallow and Tsareena put hypnogoggles on Iris and Axew. Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex escape. Kukui arrives at the Pokétech, He asks Faba how is Lycanroc acting strange, Lycanroc appears and attacks Kukui, He calms him down, Faba tells Lycanroc to pin Kukui down and put hypnogoggles on him, mind controlling him too. Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex are riding on Braviary, RotomDex mentions to Ash that they were hypnotized, Ash tells Him the same thing probably happened to Lycanroc and Kukui. Lana tells Faba that Ash and His Pokemon escape but they have Iris and Axew, He tells her to bring him to Pokétech. Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex arrive at the dock, only to see that Pokétech has left, Ash tells Braviary to get the boat, which it does, Ash, His Pokémon, and RotomDex land on the boat. Ash and Pikachu get mind controlled by putting on hypnogoggles that were laying on the floor and walk off. Torracat leaves Rowlet and RotomDex to watch Poipole, The Ultra Beast uses Teleport and eventually disappears. Ash and Pikachu enter the same room as Lycanroc, Kukui, Iris, and Axew. Torracat is battling Lana and Popplio, Popplio uses Aqua Jet, Torracat dodges the attack and uses Searing Shot, Popplio tries to put hypnogoggles on Torracat, but he uses Revenge, he runs. Torracat returns to Rowlet and RotomDex and sees that Poipole is gone, Rowlet, Torracat, and RotomDex find Poipole going to the top floor by using a tracker. Poipole is at the top floor where it is greeted by a janitor, It uses Fury Attack, Rowlet, Torracat, and RotomDex find Poipole. Juniper has Ash, Pikachu, Lycanroc, Kukui, Iris, and Axew come out to the main room, She asks Faba what's with the goggles, He tells Her they are new trending glasses, Ash, Iris, and Kukui make an announcement saying that they only serve theirselves, their family, and their Pokémon. Poipole makes a noise, Ash's Classmtes and their Pokémon hear it, Rowlet, Torracat, Poipole, and RotomDex hide in an air crawl through in air vent pipe Poipole uses Growth and grows large making them fall, Poipole walks off, Rowlet, Torracat and RotomDex follow after. Ash, Pikachu, Lycanroc, Kukui, Iris, and Axew are in the control room, Faba has Ash to tell Pikachu and Lycanroc to use Thunderbolt on the guy to knock him out of the boat and has Ash to tell Lycanroc to use Stone Edge on the boat control causing the boat making it unable to stop, Faba tells Iris to steer to the boat to make it face the city. It's morning time Poipole enters the control room, Rowlet, Torracat, and RotomDex follow after, Poipole jumps into Ash's hands, It uses Telekinesis to move the goggles off Him, Pikachu, and Lycanroc, Faba tells Iris and Kukui to get Ash but he tells Pikachu and Lycanroc to take off their goggles. Faba tells the classmates and their to go to the control room. Ash holds Poipole, Iris wonders what's going on, Ash tells her they are on Pokétech. Ash's Classmates and Their Pokémon show up, Poipole uses Fury Attack on Marowak, Kukui and Lycanroc are shocked to find out that Poipole can use attacks, Ash says they know and tells them to fight now talk later, Poipole breaks the goggles, Ash and Iris face off against Sophocles and Lillie they tell Pikachu and Axew to break their goggles, Rowlet and Torracat battle Turanator, they break knock his goggles off and stomp on them, Pikachu battles Popplio and Togedemaru, He uses Thunderbolt and Iron tail, he takes off their goggles and stomps on them, Kukui faces off against Kiawe he takes off his goggles and stomps on them, Lycanroc battles Snowy Huses Stone edge he takes off her goggles and bites them, Axew battles Charjabug, He uses Dual Chop but he uses Discharge on him, Poipole uses Ice Punch on Charjabug knocking the goggles off him it rips them in half, Lana abducts Rowlet, she takes him outside, Poipole is beating up on Charjabug Ash has Poipole use Techno Blast on Lana, She trips, Rowlet uses Leafage on her and then uses Tackle which make her goggles come off, He carries her back into the room, Faba leaves the monitor room, the boat continues going. Faba goes into the main room, he grabs juniper he takes her to the elevator leading to the plane on top of the boat, she asks him where are the other trainers and pokémon he tells her they're still hypnotized, she asks him what has he done, the plane starts up and detaches from the boat. Ash sees that Faba is escaping, He and Lycanroc run out of the control room, he tells Lana to come with him, Kukui tells Pikachu to find to engine room, Kukui and Iris get to the outside of the boat. Pikachu is approaching the engine room but Mallow tells her Tsareena to use Vine Whip making the pipes fall, Pikachu throws a pipe hitting them knocking their goggles off of them. Faba tells Juniper to strap herself but she jumps off the plane. Iris tells Axew to use Core Enforcer on the water only to have no effect on it stopping the boat. Pikachu sees the engine room is blocked by the pipes Mallow is shocked to see what She and Tsareena have done. Ash, Lycanroc, and Lana get to top off he boat but the plane has taken off, Lana tells Ash they're too late, He tells her to get Him and Lycanroc on to the plane, Lana tells Popplio to create a large bubble, Ash and Lycanroc get into the bubble, the bubble gets to the plane and they get into the bottom part of the plane. Kukui tells Pikachu to turn the boat away from the city by going underwater. Ash and Lycanroc are in the passengers area Faba increases the plane altitude and makes the plane roll around. Pikachu has a anchor chain strapped to him, Kukui has Rowlet assist Pikachu and tells him to push the button once the boat is turned away, Rowlet lowers Pikachu underwater. Ash and Lycanroc are getting thrown around, they approach the cockpit Faba turns the oxygen off he wears an oxygen mask. Pikachu is turning the boat, Iris tells Axew to use Core Enforcer on the water. Faba tells Ash and Lycanroc without air they will die, he kicks them, Ash finds a saftey thing resembling gun, he manages to shoot Faba out of of the plane. Ash gets in the seat He puts on an oxygen thing and Lycanroc does too, he flies the plane. Juniper gets to the main room she breaks the hypnotic giant screen, She, Kiawe, Turtantor, and Marowak guide the people to safety. Rowlet pulls Pikachu back up, Kukui tells him it's too soon. Ash puts the plane in autopilot, He and Lycanroc jump out of it, Lycanroc grabs Faba, He kicks him in the face making himself fall, He grabs him again, the plane lands in the water, Lana tells Popplio to make a bubble, Ash, Lycanroc, and Faba get in the bubble, the bubble lands on the boat. The waves make the boat tip over, Lillie tells snowy to use Freeze-Dry on the waves, the boat nearly hits the city but, the the water becomes frozen just before it could hit it. Afterwards Kukui and Lycanroc are surprised they missed Poipole's first attack, Ash mentions they missed the first 17, It uses Double Team impressing them. Faba gets arrested by Officer Jenny, she thanks the trainers, Braviary shows up, Ash gets excited, Kukui gives Him a disapproving look and He gives It Him, He smiles. Afterwards Pokémon Battling and crime fighting is now legal again. Later after school Ash sees Dawn he talks to Her, he reintroduces himself and asks if they would like to see a movie, she accepts, Ash is excited.

Ash and The Professor get something to eat somewhere afterwards they drive to Dawns house. Later that evening Dawn is in car with Ash and Kukui he introduces her to everyone, the car arrives at the movies. They see a shoot out robbery from down the road, Dawn gets pushed out of the car, Ash tells her to pay for tickets and to save him a seat, Ash sends out His Pokémon, Kukui sends out His Braviary, and RotomDex comes out of Ash's Backpack, the car rushes down the street at a extremely high speed.